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DSO News: May, 2011 Archive

Missed phone calls cost money

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Dear fellow entrepreneur,

Are you with customers or in meetings all day ?

If a new or existing customer phones you and you do not answer, will they go to your competitor ?

Don’t take that chance.

We’ve all done it – missed calls because we are out of the office or busy dealing with a client.

Missed calls means lost business, business that goes to your competitors instead of you. Wouldn’t it be great of there was always someone to answer your phone ?

A Virtual Office can provide you with a Dublin phone number, and be answered by professional staff, using YOUR company name. Messages can be texted to you immediately, so that you can return priority calls – and keep your customers happy.

Remenber, according to some studies ” 80% of callers will not leave a message on an answering machine”.

Top 5 considerations when you are choosing a Virtual Office in Dublin

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

If you are setting up a new business, you may not have the resources to rent an office just yet. For many new ‘back bedroom’ or ‘garage’ start-up businesses, Virtual Office services offer an excellent alternative.

But what do you need to consider when choosing a Virtual Office ?

Here are our Top 5 points for you to consider…

(1) Do they provide a full set of Virtual Office services ?

This is a very important consideration. Initially you may only require a professional business address to register your company (rather than using your home address), but you may require additional services in the future, for example telephone answering, mail forwarding, meeting room etc. Make sure that your Virtual Office provider has the full range of services to match your current and planned future requirements.

(2) Are you restricted into long term and inflexible service packages ?

Some Virtual Office providers offer fixed packages, which may suit them, but may not be ideal for you. Look for a Virtual Office provider that gives you the flexibility to pick and choose the options you require now, and to change those options at any time based on your business needs in the future.

(3) Integrity of the Virtual Office provider

Like most businesses, there are many Virtual Office providers that spring up overnight and close down just as quick. You need to ensure that your Virtual Office provider is well established and committed to this industry. For example, Dublin Serviced Offices are one of the few Virtual Office providers that have been in business for over 15 years, and is growing every year. For any startup, there is an exposure if one of your suppliers stops providing a service to you. A Virtual Office is a critical service to your business, so it is important to check their experience.

(4) Cost

The key point here is to find a Virtual Office provider that offers a professional service at a competitive price. Be careful of choosing the cheapest. It may cost you more in the long run. The professioanl image of your business is critical, particularly in the early stages, when every new client counts. You don’t want ‘cheap’ when this sacrifices the training or professionalism of the people handling your phone calls, re-directing important post etc. Look for a competitive price that balances your requirements with a level of professionalism that meets or exceeds your needs.

(5) Physical office space for your business in the future

A little forethought and planning for future possibilities is important at this point. When you consider a Virtual Office provider, see if they have a meeting room where you can bring your clients, at ‘your business address’. Also, when your business grows, does the Virtual Office provider have the physical office space to accomodate your business ? This is an important up front consideration to save time, money and a great deal of headaches in the future.

Dublin Serviced Offices (DSO) has been providing a complete range of flexible and cost competitive Virtual Offices for over 15 years, in addition to having over 20 Serviced Offices (of various sizes) in Dublin city centre.