4 Top Benefits of Virtual Serviced Offices

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If you’re a startup business or looking to reduce operating costs, you’ve likely searched for serviced office solutions. Luckily, your search might just be over, since you have found Dublin Serviced Offices (DSO).

A few years ago, this term would have sounded completely absurd and unattainable but in today’s highly technological world, the idea of a virtual office is fairly normal. You’ll be even more surprised to learn DSO has been offering these services for well over 20 years.

So, why should you go virtual with your office space? Here are a few of the best benefits of making the transition.

4 Benefits of Virtual Offices you may not have thought of:

There might be a few surprising benefits that you will receive from having virtual office, some will aid you and some will aid others.

Environmentally Friendly

If you take pride in protecting the planet and caring for our atmosphere, a cheap virtual office address could be the way to go. With employees working from home and not commuting to the office each day, you can effectively reduce the carbon emissions produced by your business.

In addition, you may be able to use less paper, as you will likely be communicating with and collaborating with your employees on projects using the Internet.

Worldwide Talent Availability

A virtual office also means a virtual workforce.

Hiring an employee from across the world is no problem when you have a virtual office. Your team can be spread around the world while you maintain your virtual business address in Ireland.

There’s no limit as to where you can source your employees from when there’s no barrier to getting them to and from the office. All it takes is a few clicks of a mouse and some setup on your end.

Lower Overhead Costs

Operating your business from a virtual location reduces the overhead costs drastically. There’s no need to pay rent, utilities, parking, or any of the other overhead costs that you would pay every month if you had a physical location to maintain.

You can receive all the benefits of a real office without the extra fees. This is ideal for both startups and established businesses.

That Coveted Business Address

Probably one of the most sought-after features of Dublin serviced offices is the use of a strong business address.

While it may seem trivial having a Dublin city center address can add to the credibility of your business and allow you to break into new markets.

You can also successfully register your business address and install some privacy while still operating from your home base.

DSO is located in the heart of the city and along with an address you can use the additional services when you need them such as office space, admin roles and a whole lot more.

Serviced Office Conclusion

Virtual businesses addressed with Dublin Serviced Offices come with a plethora of benefits – many of which we didn’t cover. If you are interested to learn what more we can offer, get in touch with us today. Your business can be up and running in a matter of hours with DSO – see our services office application page.

And why not check out our Gallery below to see some of our office images.

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