What is the difference between a Registered Office Address and a Business Trading Address

Business Trading Address

Setting up a new business can be a daunting task and involves a lot of research and preparation. Here at DSO, we can help you with your company formation. For example, we have found that there is a lot of uncertainty over the various types of addresses associated with your business. Here is a quick and simple guide to the differences between a registered office address and a business trading address. More and more businesses are using virtual offices as their registered company address and business trading address. Below you will see why.

What is a Registered Office Address

The Companies Registration Office

If you are a limited company, you are required by law to have a registered office address. You will need to provide a registered office address when you register your company with the Companies Registration Office (CRO). This address is your point of contact with the CRO.

An Post & a Physical Address

The registered address must be located in the Republic of Ireland. All official legal mail will be sent to this address including vital correspondence from the CRO that must be monitored and responded to appropriately. This is a service that DSO will provide if you choose to use our virtual offices. We will ensure that all mail is sent onto you. 

You cannot use a Post Office (P.O) box as your registered office address. 

Why not use a Home Address as your Business Trading Address?

While you can legally use your home address, we at DSO would strongly recommend that you don’t. The address is public for anyone who wants to find your company on the CRO’s website, and you may not want prospective customers knowing your home address. This is where DSO comes in. By using one of our virtual offices, we can provide you with an address in the heart of Dublin City. 

An added bonus is that an office address will look much more professional than a residential home address to prospective customers and may make them more likely to engage your company’s services. 

What is a Business Trading Address

All new companies need to have a business address in order to operate efficiently and successfully. 

This is the address where the company’s business is carried out on a day to day basis. This can also be called your trading address.

This can be the same address as your registered office address, or it can be a different one in another location. Whatever is more convenient for your business.

Public Address of the Company

This is the address that you will present to the public. This address should be listed on business cards, the company’s website etc. You can also use this address on social media or when advertising your company. For this reason, you will want an address that appears professional which our virtual office provides. DSO’s Dublin address will give you instant credibility with prospective customers. 

Mail and Correspondence

This address is where you’ll receive general post related to the business such as cheques, invoices and contact with suppliers and creditors etc. This is also the address where you will receive communication from the Irish Revenue Commissioners. Therefore, it is very important that all the mail is carefully sorted and brought to your attention. This is a service that DSO provides. If you use your home address as your official business trading address, important company documents may be mixed in with personal mail. 

You are entitled to use a virtual office for your business trading address

Conclusions and why you should consider DSO for your next business trading address

A registered office address is required in order to register with the CRO, and the address is listed publicly on their registry.

A business trading address is needed for day to day operations and is the address that you advertise to customers.

You can use a virtual office for both a registered office address and a business trading address.

Hopefully this article has been helpful and if you are considering a business trading address in Ireland, contact the team directly at info@dso.ie or start your application today online using this link. Why not check out our office gallery below to see our offices first hand.


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