All the Benefits of a Phone Answering Service

Receptionists answering calls

Another reason to sign up for a virtual office with DSO is to avail of our phone answering service. DSO offers a variety of services in relation to phone answering, which can be found here. This is an ideal service, especially for start up businesses. Below are some of the benefits of using our phone answering service. 

1: No need to employ a full time receptionist

As well as receiving the other benefits of a virtual office, DSO will also answer your company’s telephone calls. This means that you don’t have to pay a receptionist upwards of thirty thousand euros a year to perform the service.

You also won’t incur any additional costs usually associated with telephone answering, such as renting office space and paying for office supplies etc. Start up businesses can use this extra money to invest in other areas and expand the business.

2: Allows Business Owner to focus on the running of the company

Another benefit of using a telephone answering service is that it frees up our clients to run their business instead of answering calls all day.

You may be meeting prospective clients or carrying out your company’s business and having to answer calls cuts into this time, limiting the efficiency of the business. If you have to be available to monitor and answer calls you won’t be as effective at running your business.

Instead DSO has dedicated receptionists who can answer your calls and pass on messages or connect the calls to you directly, depending on your preference. This leaves you free to dedicate more time to growing your business and dealing with the needs of existing clients.

3: Ensures that you don’t miss important calls with our phone answering service

Sometimes, small business owners decide that they don’t want the cost of a receptionist and that they will simply directly receive the calls themselves. However, this approach can present problems.

The most significant problem is that the business can routinely miss calls. While running the business and working on the day to day needs of the company, you may not always be able to answer your phone due to meetings or field work etc. This means that prospective clients will not be able to reach you and may result in a loss of potential business.

Many people will simply give up and be unwilling to call back or leave a voicemail. However, a DSO receptionist will be on hand to answer your calls and ensure that prospective clients feel they have been heard and have been able to reach you. As a result of not missing important calls, your company could see an increase in business that they may have otherwise missed out on.

4: An office telephone number looks more professional than a mobile number

As well as receiving all the benefits listed above, our clients are also able to list an office number as their company contact number, which DSO can supply.  In fact DSO can provide any regional landline number in Ireland e.g: Galway, Cork, Limerick, Belfast.

Using a mobile number as your company’s official phone number can look unprofessional and may put off potential customers. An office number that is answered by a receptionist in your company’s name can seem more professional to customers and may help persuade them to use your business.

Additionally, you may not want to make your mobile phone number public. You may receive calls at late hours or you may not want certain clients to have your personal phone number. Using DSO’s phone service solves these problems.

Find out more about our phone answering service

Learn more about our telephone answering service here. If you are interested in signing up for a virtual office click on this link. 

Phone Answering Service

Receptionist answering calls


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