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If you have decided to establish a business in Ireland, then congratulations and we wish you all the best.

Establishing a new business or entering the Irish market for the first time can be both exciting and stressful. There are many new things to learn, challenges to overcome and paperwork to fill out.

But you will reap enormous benefits from operating in the Irish market once your register your business and establish yourself in your chosen industry.

There are a few steps to follow and things you must abide by to register your business in Ireland.

DSO is here to help you on this path.

What you should do for your new business:

We highly recommend that you visit your nearest local enterprise office (LEO) or check them out online.

LEO’s are a wealth of knowledge for new and existing business owners, they can recommend grants and finance options that can help your business.

They will also guide you on how to properly register your business in Ireland.

Which this post will also help with.

Another important step is to decide on what type of business you will register. You have three options:

Types of businesses in Ireland:

Sole Trader: This is common for many businesses in Ireland especially freelancers and those working from home. The process is simple as you are the only entity, but you put yourself at risk should things go wrong.

Partnership: When two or more people come together you can establish a partnership in which each member is jointly responsible. This is ideal for those with strong trust and understanding of their business model.

Limited Company: The last and most common is a limited company. This establishes your business as a separate legal entity meaning creditors and claimants can only act against the business, thus protecting you.

When you have decided on the best option for you, it’s time to register your business with the CRO.

What is the CRO:

The company’s registration office (CRO) is a repository of all businesses registered and operating in Ireland. It ensures businesses are lawful and established properly within the state.

You can register different types of businesses with the CRO, along with trading names, foreign companies and limited partners.

One important aspect of registering your business with the CRO is the existence of a physical address for correspondence.

This is so legal correspondence can be sent by the CRO to your registered office.

This is not ideal for many businesses which operate solely or with minimal spending and that is where DSO can assist.

What is the DSO:

Dublin Serviced Offices (DSO) provides virtual office services to businesses in Ireland. We can provide your business with a legal physical address in Ireland.

With this you can correspond with the CRO and this allows you to register your business in Ireland.

Having been in operation for over 20 years we take the hassle out of business registration and the search for a useful physical address.

Our DSO offices are located in the heart of Dunlin city providing you with a credible business address that works both for registration and for use with your customers.

Other Services at DSO:

Our physical address will allow for proper business name registration.

We also offer mail handling and call answering services and can provide you with professional meeting rooms when required for your business.

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Register your business in Ireland with ease with the help of DSO.  You can start your online application today, see this link and our pricing plans and options you can see here where you can register your business name today.

Or if you have any questions contact our team today to discuss your business package needs and how we can help you get your business prepared.

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