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Whether you are a multi-national or a one-person start-up, registering your business and your business name in Ireland is an important step in reaching a wider market and establishing your name within the country.

To register a business name, you must have a physical address in Ireland in which letters, correspondence and other physical items can be delivered.

This is required by the CRO which is part of the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment, so it is necessary for all companies in Ireland no matter how big or small.

An issue that arises is that some companies do not technically require a physical address.

Perhaps you operate online, or you are just getting started so do not have the capital for a physical address to register your business name.

This is where Dublin Serviced Offices (DSO) come in. We provide business that requires a virtual office in Dublin with all that is necessary for proper and legal business name registration in Ireland.

What is the DSO?

Dublin Serviced Offices have been providing valuable virtual office assistance to businesses in Ireland for well over 20 years.

Our city centre-based offices provide a physical address for business name registration as we can send and receive correspondence on behalf of our clients.

Whether you are a country-based business or an international firm which wants to get established in Ireland without the hassle of finding a property yourself, we are here to help.

A virtual office provides several key advantages to businesses of all sizes.

Location Credibility:

Having a city centre address anywhere in the world lends credibility to many businesses. It shows professionalism and builds trust as your potential customers know the city and can rely on businesses which have established themselves there.


It also provides anonymity when required. Using your home address for business purposes is not ideal, DSO provides you with the ability to circumvent these issues.

Business Name Registration:

As already discussed, our offices can be used for your proper business name registration ensuring you comply with all that is necessary to establish yourself in Ireland.

Additional support from DSO:

We not only offer you a location and space for business name registration.

Office Space:

We have dedicated office space in which you can conduct meetings and other business when you are physically in the city.

Let us know when you need the space, and we will work to ensure you have everything you need on these particular days.

Admin Support:

Over the years businesses have evolved and what they require to operate successfully has also changed.

Because of this DSO also offers several administrative supports services to help your business.

This includes call-forwarding and answering, voicemail and a Dublin telephone number.

These additional services all depend on the plan that you choose to take with us.

Conclusions & Register your Business in Ireland with the DSO:

If you wish to successfully register your business in Ireland and would like your business to receive the benefits of a Dublin-addressed business, get in touch with DSO today.

With over 20 years in the industry we work with start-ups, tech companies, call centres, IT experts and much more.

We know what your business needs and will do our utmost to ensure you have everything you need for a successful business.

Get in touch with the DSO team today, start your business registration process today, here.

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