About Local Enterprise Office’s (LEO’s) and how they can help your Start Up Business

Local Enterprise Office

Here at DSO we deal with many small businesses as well as newly formed start up companies. Virtual offices are an attractive option for these kinds of companies. We want all of our clients to be as successful as possible. There are several supports and resources available for small businesses. One of these supports that you should be aware of is the Local Enterprise Office (LEO).

What is the Local Enterprise Office

The Local Enterprise Office is a government funded entity that provides advice, information and support to you in starting up or growing your business. There are 31 LEO’s around the country. Visit LEO’s website to find one near you. LEO’s mission statement is “We aim to promote entrepreneurship, foster business start-ups and develop existing micro and small businesses to drive job creation and to provide accessible high quality support for your Business ideas.” If this sounds like something your business would benefit from, contact your LEO today.

Startup Success Stories

The LEO is full of inspiring, success stories which you can read more about here. Examples include electronic firms, data agencies, consultancy firms and many more. By seeking support from the LEO you have the chance to join these companies and grow your business. By reading these stories you may see similarities with your own company’s journey. Expanding your business with the help of your LEO can be the next successful part of that journey.

Check Out this Video of a Local Dublin Success Story

What Services Do the Local Enterprise Office Offer

  • Financial Support: Perhaps the most important kind of support for a startup business is financial support. The LEO offers a wide variety of financial support. These include feasibility study grants, priming grants, business expansion grants, micro finance loans and Brexit supports for small businesses among many others. Find out more about these financial supports here and see if your company is eligible.
  • Training Programmes: Another key service that the LEO provides are a variety of training programmes for startup businesses. Examples of these training programmes include Start Your Own Business, Managing Your Business e.g. Marketing, Sales, Financial Management, Strategy and Business Planning among others. These training programmes will provide you with more tools and information on how best to run and expand your business.
  • Mentoring Programme: The LEO’s mentoring programme is a programme that any startup business can benefit from. According to the LEO’s website “The Mentor Programme is designed to match up the knowledge, skills, insights and entrepreneurial capability of experienced business practitioners with small business owners/ managers who need practical and strategic one to one advice and guidance. The mentor contributes independent, informed observation and advice to aid decision making.” Startup business owners can learn a lot from someone who has already succeeded in the same field.

The Local Enterprise Office is an invaluable support system for startup businesses. It can provide you and your company with essential support ranging from financial support to a mentoring programme and much more. We would encourage all startup businesses and small business owners to reach out to their LEO and see if they can help. Find out more on the Local Enterprise Office’s website here.

If you are a Dublin Based Company…here are the lists and links to the Dublin LEO’s

How We at DSO have assisted LEO supported companies…

Here at DSO we work with many companies who have received assistance from their Local Enterprise Office. To find out more about the services that DSO provides click on the following link. We hope that this blog has been helpful in providing you with the advantages of seeking assistance from you Local Enterprise Office.


Local Enterprise Office Grants Supports and Courses for Startups


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