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With more and more people looking to register their company in Dublin and prices skyrocketing, there are a few options available. One of them is the use of virtual office services, such as those offered by DSO.

To properly register a company you need a physical address which DSO provides. You do not have to be based there permanently and can operate from where you desire. Our services and location offer more than just an opportunity to register a company in Ireland.

Check out what we have to offer and see if we are the right fit for you.

Competitor advantage

If your firm’s address is in a strategic location you may gain a competitive advantage over your rivals. If you register a company in Dublin with DSO you will benefit from the credibility afforded by a city centre address.

Competitors may not have this advantage especially if they are in the countryside or not legally able to operate in Ireland just yet.

A Physical address for your business support:

While a virtual business address is quite ideal for many situations, a physical address will help you get in touch with clients and provide instant feedback.

DSO can provide you with several physical address advantages without the huge overheads. This includes meeting room options, admin support, mail forwarding and much more.

Register a company through the use of DSO and get more than just your company address. We are here to support your business in any way we can.

Contact Point for Customers and company registration:

Customers tend to prefer businesses with a physical address to those without. Whether your company specialises in goods or services, a contact point with your customers is critical.

A contact point makes it easy for you to resolve any issues your customers may have with your goods or services. While most companies have online pages where customers comment, it still isn’t enough. There must be personal contact between you and your customers. A physical address will easily help you achieve an in-person connection with your clients.

To register a company in Ireland you need an address that physical mail can be sent. This can be used by both government institutions and your customers and clients.

DSO is here to help you at each step here too.


The more people that know about your business, the higher its credibility. Google Places is commonly used by many virtual businesses for good reason. When your business is listed on Google Places, it improves its credibility as it is easily accessible on search engines.

Many people depend on the Internet to find business locations near them. When your business is traceable in Google Places, your clients can leave online reviews, which further builds your business’s credibility. For the business to be listed on Google Places,  you must register a company’s physical address.

Whether you are an IT specialist, admin support or a one-man business, Dublin-based credibility can be a huge advantage to your business.

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Register a company in Ireland with our support, receive our admin support when you need it and choose a package that suits your business budget and needs.

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