A registered office address without all the added costs:

Business Trading Address

Start-ups, work-from-home businesses, small SMEs, country-based businesses and International Businesses can all benefit from a state of the art, modern city centre office building.

Not only is it necessary for all Companies to have a registered physical address in Ireland, but it also helps build brand credibility, helps with marketing and allows you to conduct business within Dublin and Ireland.

While all of this sounds amazing, we all know that rental costs and especially office space in Dublin City Centre is either impossible to get hold of or completely unaffordable.

That is where DSO comes in, we provide all the benefits of registered business address in the city centre along with a host of additional services should your business require them.

But how does it all work, wont you have to pay a fortune for the office space?

While it is essential to have a physical office space for the record of the CRO (Companies Registration Office), this can be maintained by an authorised agent such as the DSO. Individuals can visit our office; post mail and we can also receive mail.

This meets the obligations of the CRO and allows you to have a professional-looking office address in the city centre of Dublin.

This is ideal for small businesses who are seeking to move into new markets, build brand awareness and create credibility for their business.

With some packages from DSO starting at just €20 per month, it is an affordable way to sort out CRO obligations and gain a useful address.

Just as .com websites are viewed with more credibility so too are city centre offices.

How will this benefit my business?

No matter your requirements or budget DSO can assist your business in several ways besides having a registered business address.

We can provide you with admin support services such as call forwarding, mail collection services, live call answering support and office space for meetings when you are in the city centre.

Whatever your business needs we have combination packages to help you.

This allows you to operate the areas of the business most important to you while we take care of simpler admin tasks that bite into your precious time.

For a fraction of the cost of renting physical office space, you will receive all of the benefits.

This is perfect for small businesses on a budget but with plans to expand their network and business presence.

Who does DSO work with:

DSO operates on behalf of national and international businesses which wish to have a presence in Ireland.

Our customers include:

  • Start-ups and Entrepreneurs
  • IT and Website developers
  • Financial Services
  • Recruitment
  • Management Consulting
  • Training
  • Healthcare
  • Media and Communications
  • Architects

Many of these businesses can operate from home or internationally but having a registered office address in Dublin lends to credibility, allows businesses to operate nationally and internationally and helps expand business networks.

How do I start:

The DSO team has a simple online sign-up platform allowing out to register your business with us in three simple steps.

Your business address can be registered with us in a matter of hours, and you can begin using the address within 24 hours.

Bring your business to Dublin while you stay at home with DSO.

Register now using this link, or if you have any questions feel free contact the DSO team direct, see our Contact Us page.

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