Why your business needs a business address and why Dublin is the best choice

Registered Business Address Dublin

As part of the Department of Enterprise Trade and Employment, the Companies Registration Office (CRO) acts as a record keeper for all business in Ireland. As such they have several requirements regarding all businesses registered in Ireland.

A core aspect of CRO requirements is the need for registered businesses to have a physical address in Ireland.

The physical address must be deliverable by An Post and people must be able to visit the address to deliver items and check in on correspondence etc.

Why this is important:

Having a business address in Dublin or throughout Ireland is essential as packages sent or delivered from this registered address are deemed by law to have been sent or delivered.

Of course, for some SMEs and other types of business, it may not be feasible to have your very own dedicated office.

That is where businesses and institutions such as Dublin Serviced Offices (DSO) come in.

What does the DSO provide?

The DSO can provide a registered address for business correspondence and registration with the CRO.

Our offices can send and receive correspondence on behalf of your business and as an authorised agent, this is acceptable to the CRO.

Recognising the positive aspects of having a registered business address in Dublin, the DSO has been offering this service and more for over 20 years.

DSO’s Registered Office services include:

  • Use 6-9 Trinity Street, Dublin 2 as your Registered Office
  • Acceptance of service of legal documentation
  • Immediate forwarding of warning/strike-off notices from Companies
  • Registration Office
  • Holding Statutory Registers, if required (electronically or physically).

Why Dublin is the best choice for your registered business address:

While you can use other locations to register your business, having a business registered in Dublin has quite a few benefits.

These include:

  • Having a Dublin registered business provides an air of prestige which is beneficial to business both at home and abroad
  • A business’s location can open additional opportunities. International companies will be happy to work with business located in the capital
  • A virtual business has the benefits of a strong address and location without the overheads of a physical business location
  • There is no rent, taxes, hidden fees or maintenance costs associated with the address.

DSO Packages:

As the businesses have developed over the years, the DSO has adopted and provides additional services that SMEs located throughout Ireland may require.

Our package range includes:
  • Call forwarding
  • Voicemail capabilities
  • Call answering and message taking according to your requirements
  • Meeting rooms within the city
  • The receiving and forwarding of mail as your business address

Each of these services is part of individual packages or they can come as a combination.

All your office needs at fraction of the price:

A registered business address in Dublin comes at a fraction of the price of a physical office. Depending on your business needs you can receive admin services and additional support to help your business expand and progress while saving money.

Legally register your business in Dublin, comply with CRO requirements and receive admin support from DSO for as little as €20 per month.

Whether you are working solo or developing a small company it’s essential to use DSO services to improve brand awareness and business prestige in an ever more competitive market.

Register today for Dublin Business Address…

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Business Address Dublin - Register Today
Business Address Dublin – Register Today

Registered Business Address Dublin

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